Junior Dragsters


The Junior Dragsters program at Raceway Park started in 1999 under the guidance of Mr. Paul MacKenzie and Ms. Debi Livingstone.


Since then 15 junior dragster kids have graduated to “big” cars, and continue to race at Raceway Park. There are currently 25 juniors racing in the program in Atlantic Canada.


The program is open to kids between the ages of 7 to 17.

Tuesday Night Racing


On Tuesday Night “Test and Tune” events are for professional, amateur and first-time racers. There are non-competitive events, designed to allow you to enjoy the sport, and to improve or learn the sport.


You can bring any road-worthy car to race, be it your hottest sports car or the sedan that takes the kids to school.


We reserve the right to accept or decline any vehicle entered to race during these events. Be aware that certain higher horsepower vehicles that are not race-equipped will not be permitted to race at these events, as professional race tech rules will apply.